“LBA GO GREEN” – Our response to the environmental responsibility

In an economic contest where the environmental commitment becomes reason of competitiveness, our sanding solutions and our products have necessarily to be every day more and more suitable for an improvement of the working environment and the health of our customers.

LBA sustainable policy confirmed through results the importance of the improvement of health and safety of work environments , thanks to sustainable products.

Be sustainable for us means to produce less industrial quantity, more durable and more worthwhile. 

Thanks to this way of thinking we’ve developed two fundamental product concepts: EFFICIENCY and HEALTH.

To contribute to the improvement of every kind of surface trough high quality, high performance and worker friendly coated abrasives, easy to use and able to improve the environment in which they are used.

We are aware of the importance of waste reducing  and a more responsible and conscious use of the earth resources. Sustainability is a natural extension of this approach.

That’s the reason we are constantly looking for opportunities to reduce our environmental impact, not only through our sustainable products but also increasing the use of recyclable materials, renewable energy and a reduction of CO2 emission of our cars.

With this aims has born the LBA GO GREEN project, with the purpose to highlight inside and outside the company our sustainable spirit.