Innovative sanding solutions for conventional & unconventional applications!

In LBA we think that each application always need the proper attention. Thanks to our team of product experts, we can study each case singly, considering each application as part of a wider productive context of a specific factory, and we are able to provide the best possible sanding solution available at the moment. This method allows us to propose always unique solutions, developed for specific applications.


Wood & Lacquers


LBA develops high performance abrasive products and specific sanding solutions for the wood industrial sector: production of parquets, panels, furnishings and components, cabinet doors for kitchen, livingroom, bedroom, interior doors and frames. Our customers can count on a deep know-how, that allows us to develop innovative solutions able to fix new standards to the market. Are you looking for high-tech abrasives? Discover COMBI®, the high performance range of products, specifically developed for the finishing of polyester paints and melamminic papers. Do you need a perfect surface? Try the HIGH GLOSS TRIUMPH, the sales proposal focused on the finishing of high gloss surfaces (both solvent based or water based), with perfectly constant roughness! Are you looking for a never-seen-before finish? FINISHING LAB® is the innovation lab that can offer you always new, amazing finishes!

Metal & Glass


LBA offers a wide range of specific products for any step of any production process on glass, stainless steel, carbon steel, exotic metals, cast iron and other metals or foundry products in general. Are you looking for an abrasive product that could afford an incredible working pressure? Try CERAMIC POWER, the abrasive products with self-sharpening abrasive minerals, to be used both wet or dry and in very extreme conditions! Are you looking for an abrasive product to be used dry for automatic satinizing of metal sheets, avoiding any burn mark? Discover the COMBI® high performance products!

Automotive & Composites


With a wide range of microabrasives and polishing systems, LBA offers unique solutions for the automotive and marine industrial sectors, and in general for all the advanced composite materials,  such as carbon fibers, polyurethanes, resins, plexiglass. Are you looking for an easy and fast way to make your high gloss surfaces shine? Discover POLISHING SYSTEM, the revolutionary system that allows to obtain a perfect surface in just six steps!

Leather & Fashion

LBA provides the most effective solutions for the treatment of leather and hides, for each specific process or desired result: dry grinding of calf, cow or ovine leather, grinding of wet blue leather for the industry of sheepskin and soft leather, calibration of bonded leather for the furniture, fashion and footwear industries. But there’s more. The sanding solutions designed by LBA for the textile industry are successfully used on various materials, such as artificial leather, technical fabrics, denim, silk, wool, micro-fiber and many other materials!