LBA is looking for innovative people. Do you have the “i-Factor”?

‘i’ for innovation. Because it’s not enough to generate it: we also have to be able to deliver it to others in the right way and on the right moment, with competence and reliability. Our Team is composed by people pursuing a clear goal: Innovation excellence. For this reason, we continuously support and train our personnel, which plays a central role in the achievement of Customer Satisfaction.

To succeed in this important aim, we encourage our team to always put in practice our core values:

Experimentation: always seek for new, unconventional, innovative and customized solutions, which could be able to generate real advantages for our customers.

Trust: always suggest the most suitable solution to each specific problem.

Organization: act following a goal driven strategy, with a clear method and with a correct time management.

Passion: transmit your energy and enthusiasm to customers and collegues.

Proactivity: instead of reacting to events and waiting for opportunities, don’t be afraid to go out and create your own events and opportunities, providing Customer Satisfaction and achieving common goals for the Company.

Sharing: collect as much information as possible from the inner environment and the external environment, and don’t hesitate to share your knowledge with your team. We believe in open dialogue and information exchange.

Flexibility: don’t be afraid to change point of view or to vary your habits.

If you think you can embrace these core values and you are truly fond of innovation, send your application to:
You’ll have the chance to enter our team and contribute to innovation excellence!