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LBA is situated in the North East of Italy, a platform of thousands of manufacturing enterprises, organized in a network and connected to the world, according to an advanced and flexible model able to promote, day by day, the values and the qualities of the most competitive “Made in Italy”.

In its modern plant of 10.000 square meters, LBA uses the best available production technologies, according to a long tradition of enterpreneurial savoire-faire, able to generate innovative and advanced technological solutions.

LBA srl
ITALY    31046 Oderzo (TV)    Via Vicenza, 4 z.i.
Customer Service   T +39 0422 815402   |   F +39 0422 814046
Other infos   T +39 0422 865054   |   F +39 0422 865045
Tax Code & VAT number 04561820269
Fully paid up share capital € 1.000.000

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