YOUR BEST WAY TO FINISH: our Manifesto for a new Finishing Culture

Your Best Way to Finish is not a simple pay-off. It’s a synthesis of our sanding manifesto: a set of values, ideas and beliefs that every day we pursue with passion and determination for a new finishing culture diffusion, aware that the correct use of an abrasive is of fundamental importance in achieving the desired surface result.

An open statement that sums up perfectly in 4 words the basics and the goals behind our essence: what we do, how do we do it, why we do it and above all why a client should choose our products and our sanding solutions.




For almost 35 years we have been conceiving and producing innovative abrasive systems and patented products for specific applications in the wood, metal, glass, automotive, composites, leather and textile industries and wherever the need arises for a perfect surface finishing.

In our modern plants we use the best available production technologies, according to a long tradition of enterpreneurial savoire-faire, able to transform with passion innovative ideas in advanced technological products and solutions.




We strongly believe that the effectiveness of a proper sanding cycle depends not only on the choice of the most suitable abrasive product, but rather is the result of a more complex system of actions based on a new interaction between customer and supplier, that are continuously sharing their know-how.

That’s why we are promoting a new sanding approach able to maximize the efficiency of the production cycles, minimize running costs and increase the quality of the finished product, moving the focus from the mere abrasive tool to the process result.



WHY WE DO IT [our mission]

We want contribute to the improvement of every kind of surface through high quality, high performance and “worker friendly” coated abrasives, easy to use and able to improve the environment in which they are applied.



WHY US [our vision]

At the basis of our operative philosophy stands the strong will to challenge traditional concepts, to think outside the box, to create unique solutions, producing efficiency to be delivered to each customer, no matter the size or the leaning. Choosing us means take the first step towards a surface optimization path, with tangible results in terms of quality, performance and efficiency.