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IBS® – Innovative abrasive belts with a revolutionary patented backing

LBA is proud to present the revolutionary range of products branded IBS® (Innovative Backing System®): a new generation of abrasive belts, based on a patented system consisting of a PET film backing, together with velour or paper, combined with high tech abrasive minerals with self-sharpening properties and cooling additives.

The PET film allows the abrasive belt to bear strains caused by working pressure, with no deformations and without compromising sanding results.

Moreover, thanks to the climate stability of the PET film, the belt remains perfectly flat at any level of humidity. The homogeneous coating and the tenacious bonding of the abrasive grains, together with the absence of over-thickness in the joint of the belt reduce the sanding imperfections typical of a traditional abrasive belt.

The high tech abrasive minerals with self-sharpening properties – like Zirconium or Ceramic – and the cooling additives that withstand clogging and prevent the risk of scorch marks, also in case of heavy duty wood processing applications.

The consequence of this advanced mix is a homogeneous sanding pattern, with constant coarseness and a finishing quality you’ve never seen before, even on the most delicate surfacesand with long life performance!

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FINISHING LAB – Innovative abrasive belts for new amazing finishes

LBA presents FINISHING LAB, an experimental laboratory made possible by the collaboration between LBA, the major producers of sanding machines and the italian research institute CATAS, united by the aim of creating innovative finishes for the wood/furniture industry that could be achievable trough simple and easily implementable – both on the economic and on the technological side – production processes, which are characterized by the use of special abrasive belts with standard automatic sanding machines.

Among the successes of FINISHING LAB, there are four innovative finishes that have already various applications in the production of wooden floors and pre-finished parquetsdoors for kitchenliving room and bathroom.

The saw effect, the pickled effect, the skyved effect and the scratched effect.
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In a context in which the value of performances is quantifyed with results, the passion for Research and Development allows LBA to offer a wide range of abrasive products and sanding solutions with a plus of technical superiority.

LBA invites you to discover these products at the international fair LESDREVMASH, from the 22th to the 26th October 2012, Pavilion 8, Hall 1, Stand 81D20. LBA will be your guide in the choice of the best product or process to get from each surface the best finish.

A lot of traditional products – specific for wood sanding – will be presented together with two important news: the brand new research center for innovative finishing FINISHING LAB and the IBS abrasive belts with patented backing with a PET film!

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LBA invites you to Cefla Live 2012 to introduce you the new range of products branded IBS. The event takes place in Imola at Cefla Finishing Group the days 28th and 29th September 2012. During the event important news will be presented, together with all the advanced technologies that have been developed during the whole year, for the finishing of woodglass and many other materials.

Discover all the IBS products at Cefla Live 2012!

ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFICATION – Quality above all!

A pillar of LBA excecutive philosophy, a natural tendency that extends itself to the daily working routine, a fundamental goal to be achieved: the complete Satisfaction of our Customers.

LBA proudly announces the obtaining of the ISO 9001:2008 certification: an international standard, synonymous with a trustworthy and innovative system, constantly monitoring the quality level.

We are sure that this recognition could represent a step forward along a path of continuous improvement, aimed at delivering innovation for all our customers, through tangible results and measurable advantages.

See you at the next goal!


LBA Ceramic Power – High Tech Abrasive Minerals

A complete range of products with ceramic abrasive featured of self-sharpening and longlife properties and TOPSIZE® additives with cooling and self-lubrication qualities. These abrasives, that are specifically addressed to the metal industry for applications such as sanding, dry and wet grinding and polishing of stainless steel, are available in the following standard forms: belts, fibre discs, lamellar discs and spirabands. Go to the Ceramic Power sales proposal!


LBA POLISHING SYSTEM – A perfect surface in just six steps!

A complete set of abrasive discs and sheets in Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide in fine or ultra-fine grits, high-resistance and long-duration sanding padsabrasive paste and polish of last generation for the polishing of finished product, both manual and automatic, dry or wet, for specific applications in the following sectors: bodywork, shipbuilding and woodworking industry.

Watch the six steps for brilliant results:


The Triumph of High Gloss

A new generation of abrasive belts in Aluminium Oxide in fine and very fine grits (from P600 to P2000) with waterproof latex paper backing or film backing and TOPSIZE® additives with cooling and self-lubrication features, for applications in the woodworking industry, in the specific context of sanding of high-gloss surfaces, both solvent and water-based, with automatic machines, even in case of high humidity or in high working pressure conditions.

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