AbraSilk soft – Soft abrasive disks with a revolutionary ultra breathable backing

AbraSilk soft is the new velour abrasive disk with a revolutionary backing composed by fabric laminated with ultra breathable flexible foam. The ultra breathable weave, result of an innovative patented process, allows total dust vacuuming, fostering a better work environment. Transpiration also decreases sanding temperature and enhances resistance to clogging ensuring a longer lifespan and a finishing quality without comparisons. Specific for paint mattening and blending, AbraSilk soft is ideal for homogeneous surface preparation to polishing, to be used both dry and wet.






• Automotive
• Decoration
• Wood
• Metal
• Composites
• Aerospace & Marine Industry


Suitable Materials

• Wood and derivatives
• Non ferrous metals
• Copper alloys/brass/bronze
• Mild steel
• Carbon steel
• Stainless steel
• Glass fibre
• Aluminium
• Body fillers
• Primers
• Lacquers
• Acrylic resins
• Solid surface
• Plastic materials






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