LBA InnovatiOn Tour 2018 – SIMAC TANNING TECH

LBA is pleased to announce its presence at SIMAC TANNING TECH 2018, the international event with the most qualified offer of machinery and technologies for the footwear, leather goods and tanning industries, which takes place in Milan, concurrently with Lineapelle.

FOCUS ON: solutions for the treatment of leather and hides


For the treatment of leather and hides, for each specific process or desired result: dry grinding of calf, cow or ovine leather, grinding of wet blue leather for the industry of sheepskin and soft leather, calibration of bonded leather for the furniture, fashion and footwear industries.

But there’s more. The sanding solutions designed by LBA for the textile industry are successfully used on various materials, such as artificial leather, technical fabrics, denim, silk, wool, micro-fiber and many other materials!

You could “touch with hand”  the “HIGH QUALITY” series products for the leather, textile and rubber industry, from which you can obtain mono junction abrasive belts of 1860mm of height.


 FOCUS ON: You Best Way to Finish




Come and touch with hand our sanding manifesto, a set of values, ideas and beliefs that every day we pursue with passion and determination for a new finishing culture diffusion, aware that the correct use of an abrasive is of fundamental importance in achieving the desired surface result.


 FOCUS ON: #Grana




Come and discover in worldwide premiere the new LBA magazine, an updating platform on the topical issues and experimentations related to the world of surface finishing through the use of coated abrasives.