The Pickled Collection – The brand new finishes by FINISHING LAB®

The wood is dressed with unexpected finishes, never seen before shades, textures as precious as haute couture draperies: here’s the brand new pickled effects, made possible by the Innovation Lab FINISHING LAB® by LBA. The varnishing product is partly sanded and remains only on deep pores and wood grain, enhancing the natural texture of wood to create a delicate vintage pattern.
These and many more finishes with a strong emotional appeal are produced through a totally industrialized and automatic process, thanks to the synergy between innovative abrasive belts by LBA, automatic sanding machines and human creativity. The expressive possibilities of the surfaces are amplified through the variety of the materials and the mixing of different effects: the pickled effect, the scratched effect, the saw effect and the skyved effect.

Discover the season’s trends about surface finishing, signed FINISHING LAB®!