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LBA is pleased to announce its simultaneous presence at 2 events already a “must” in the field of treatment and surface finishing.

the exclusive international event that lets participants get a first-hand look at cutting-edge technology for the finishing and decoration of materials of every type and shape.


18 – 20 Ottobre 2017
Imola, Cefla LAB
Via Bicocca 14/C
40026  Imola (BO) Italy

where you will have the possibility to discover the customised automated solutions that offer professionals working with wood a host of opportunities – reducing production times, creating efficiency, cutting costs, and more.


19 – 21 October 2017
Pesaro, BIESSE Business center
Via Della Meccanica
61122 Pesaro Italy

During the two events, we will have the pleasure to introduce you some of the important LBA branded news items: our manifesto and #Grana.

FOCUS ON: Your best way to finish!

Come and touch with hand our sanding manifesto, a set of values, ideas and beliefs that every day we pursue with passion and determination for a new finishing culture diffusion, aware that the correct use of an abrasive is of fundamental importance in achieving the desired surface result.

FOCUS ON: #Grana

Come and discover in worldwide premiere the new LBA magazine, an updating platform on the topical issues and experimentations related to the world of surface finishing through the use of coated abrasives.


LBA Innovation Tour – SICAM 2017

LBA is pleased to announce its presence at SICAM 2017, the International Exhibition of Components, Semifinished Products and Accessories

for the Furniture Industry.

10 – 13 October 2017

9.30 – 18.00

FOCUS ON: Seaside Bliss by Finishing Lab & Xilia


Come and touch with hand Seaside Bliss, the new finish designed by Finishing Lab and realized exclusively by Xilia through a stylistic exercise that sees the Sungkai, a very rare form of Indonesian wood with the typical white – yellow chromatic graduations, reviving in “Soft Touch” key for a unique and eco-friendly experience of tactile design.

FOCUS ON: #Grana


Come and discover in worldwide premiere the new LBA magazine, an updating platform on the topical issues and experimentations related to the world of surface finishing through the use of coated abrasives.



“LBA GO GREEN” – Our response to the environmental responsibility

In an economic contest where the environmental commitment becomes reason of competitiveness, our sanding solutions and our products have necessarily to be every day more and more suitable for an improvement of the working environment and the health of our customers.

LBA sustainable policy confirmed through results the importance of the improvement of health and safety of work environments , thanks to sustainable products.

Be sustainable for us means to produce less industrial quantity, more durable and more worthwhile. 

Thanks to this way of thinking we’ve developed two fundamental product concepts: EFFICIENCY and HEALTH.

To contribute to the improvement of every kind of surface trough high quality, high performance and worker friendly coated abrasives, easy to use and able to improve the environment in which they are used.

We are aware of the importance of waste reducing  and a more responsible and conscious use of the earth resources. Sustainability is a natural extension of this approach.

That’s the reason we are constantly looking for opportunities to reduce our environmental impact, not only through our sustainable products but also increasing the use of recyclable materials, renewable energy and a reduction of CO2 emission of our cars.

With this aims has born the LBA GO GREEN project, with the purpose to highlight inside and outside the company our sustainable spirit.


LBA Innovation Tour – LIGNA 2017

LBA is pleased to announce its presence at LIGNA 2017, the world’s leading trade for woodworking and wood processing machinery, plants and equipments.

Come to visit us at
22 – 26 May 2017




“Your best way to finish” is our commitment to contribute to the improvement of every kind of surface trough high quality, high performance and worker friendly coated abrasives, easy to use and able to improve the environment in which they are used.




You will touch with hand the world premier of the new COMBI ALL BLACK, the last evolution of the famous COMBI family, innovative abrasive belts with a
revolutionary patented backing, suitable for nowadays high performance sanding & painting lines.



You will have the possibility to discover CT18, the new ultra tear resistant paper ideal for high stock removal sanding processes, coming from the HP series: high performance abrasive belts for unbelievable & uncoventional applications!



You will have the chanche to find our HQ series: high quality abrasive belts for specific applications in the main industrial sectors and worldwide recognized for their constancy and reliability.




It would be a pleasure for us to tell you something more about our environmental commitment and our products proudly Made in Italy with love! 


LBA Innovation Tour – Dubai Woodshow 2017

LBA is pleased to announce its presence at the Dubai WoodShow Exhibition 2017, the only dedicated trade show in the Middle East for the wood and woodworking machinery industry.

We will be hosted by Cefla Middle East – the world-leading provider of finishing, decoration and digital printing solutions for wooden articles –  and we will exhibit the countless novelties that LBA has to offer
for the Middle East sanding needs.

Come to visit us at
7 – 9 March 2017

Visitors will be screened into a new approach called “sanding + innovation”, through which maximize the efficiency of production cycles, minimize running costs and increase the quality of the finished product.
Visitors will have the honour to touch with hand the new  LBA Taylor Made service, aimed to find the ideal sanding cycle, completely designed to meet nowadays customer needs!

Will you be there? Let’s make an appointment!


LBA Innovation Tour 2016

Follow the Innovation Tour and discover how for more than 30 years LBA has been developing and producing innovative abrasive systems and patented products for specific applications in the wood, metal, glass, automotive, composites, leather and textile industries, and wherever the need arises for a perfect surface finishing.
LBA is not only synonymous with revolutionary patented abrasive products! Above all it is promoting a new approach to sanding called “sanding + innovation”, that could maximize the efficiency of production cycles, minimize production costs and increase the quality of your finished product, through a customized service, aimed at finding the ideal sanding cycle, totally customized and designed to meet your needs!

During the tour we will be presenting our brand new collection “Wild Effects”, inspired by the most fascinating and savage Nature.

How does it works? Discover it at one of the next leg of the Innovation Tour!


PESARO, ITALY    13/10 > 15/10
Via della meccanica, 16 Pesaro – Italy

IMOLA, ITALY    12/10 > 14/10
Via Bicocca, 14/C Imola – Italy

PORDENONE, ITALY    18/10 > 21/10


Book your entry or ask us for a meeting, we’ll be there!


Wild Effects. Take a walk on the wild side

For more than 30 years LBA® has been developing and producing innovative abrasive systems and patented products for the sanding, finishing and polishing of every kind of surface. Now the company proudly leads the eclectic FINISHING LAB®: a research center born from the collaboration with the Italian research institute CATAS and with the main producers of sanding machines, now collaborating 360 degrees with the architecture and design world and in general with every research and development entities focused on surface finishing. The aim of the lab is to create new finishes achievable through simple production processes, in a synergy between sanding machines, innovative abrasive belts and human creativity. Among the successes of FINISHING LAB®, there are four innovative finishes that have already become classics in the production of wooden floors and pre-finished parquets, panels, doors and cabinet doors.
The Saw Effect, the Pickled Effectthe Skived Effect and the Scratched Effect.

The main contribution of FINISHING LAB® is to allow the automation and internalisation of production processes that are typically handcrafted and made in outsourcing, with a fast and low-cost set-up phase: in fact, in comparison with the usual production systems, these processes plan the use of automatic sanding machines, that are usually already part of the main industrial plants producing furnishings and components.

Thanks to these processes, a lot of finishes can be easily achieved, ready to be processed with further treatments such as antiquing, brushing, painting, oiling and varnishing, multiplying the expressive possibilities of wood and derivatives. In this way LBA® provides a substantial contribution not only in the sanding and finishing of the product, but also in the style research and in the choice of materials, and acts as a connective link between the manufacturing context and the design world, multiplying the palette of finishes that inspire the creativity of architects and designers.

From the research and experimentation of LBA® the successful Pickled Collection is born, a new way of conceiving
the pickled finish playing with color contrasts like in an haute-couture atelier. But there’s more! The brand new collection of Wild Effects is here, inspired by the natural beauty of stone surfaces, by daydreams of exotic landscapes and by the unexpected patterns of Nature in its most fascinating and savage form. The collection is composed by the elegant Stone effect, reproducing the tactile and visual feel of a smooth stone, and by the eccentric zebra-like pattern of the Savanna effect. For the urban-style lovers seeking for something new, here’s the classic Skived effect reinterpreted in a soft touch version with three new matte colors: white, magnolia and anthracite, all produced thanks to abrasive belts by LBA®.

For more info visit the FINISHING LAB® section of the website!


LBA Innovation Tour – Dubai Woodshow 2016

We continue our journey through the Middle East with a stage at Dubai Woodshow, the premier destination for wood specialists who visit the show every year from across the globe, and the region’s only dedicated business-to-business meeting place for the wood, wood accessories and woodworking machinery industry, taking place at Dubai World Trade Centre from the 4th to the 6th of April 2016.

We’ll be hosted by Cefla Finishing Group, the leader for woodworking technologies, to exhibit the countless novelties that LBA has to offer.
In particular visitors will have the chance to know more about the innovative service LBA Taylor Made, an improving process in five steps, based on a fluid collaboration between customer and supplier with the aim of identifying the most proper sanding cycle, designed specifically and totally customized, like a tailored suit measured on the customer’s needs.

Will you be there? Let’s make an appointment!

Join us from the 4th to the 6th of April 2016 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Hall 6, Booth B40.

More info at


LBA Innovation Tour – Woodex Tehran 2016

Here we are at the first appointment of the year with the Middle East at Woodex Tehran, the International Exhibition of Accessories, Furniture machinery, Equipment and Related Industries at its 7th edition, taking place at Tehran International Permanent Fairground from 31st January to 3rd February 2016.

The main focus of the participation of LBA would be the innovative LBA Taylor Made service: an improving process in 5 steps based on a fluid collaboration between customer and supplier with the aim of identifying the most proper sanding cycle, designed specifically and totally customized, like a tailored suit measured on the customer’s needs.

Among the most innovative solutions for the woodworking industry FINISHING LAB® by LBA continues to reap success with the strong emotional appeal of its finishes, results of the synergy between innovative abrasive belts by LBA, automatic sanding machines and human creativity.

The Iranian public would appreciate for sure the new hookit abrasive disc AbraSilk soft, with a revolutionary backing composed by fabric laminated with ultra breathable flexible foam, specially addressed to the micro-finishing with ultra fine grits for paint mattening and blending and for homogeneous surface preparation to polishing.

But the true protagonists are always the COMBI® products, defying any critical climatic condition thanks to the PET film inside the backing and to the latest technologies, lasting even 5 times more than traditional abrasive belts!

Wanna know more? Join us!

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A Joyous Christmas time and a New Year of sanding + innovation!

It is that time of the year when you usually draw conclusions about what you’ve realized and you start outlining the brand new projects that will accompany you through the twelve months to come.

Now that the year’s almost over, there’s so much we would like to talk about!

For instance we could tell you about how proud we are of the performances of our patented products COMBI and AbraSilk, reading satisfaction through our customers’ eyes and helping them to reach their finishing goals!

Or we could talk about how we’ve felt excited each time that our Innovation Lab FINISHING LAB has produced some brand new finishes to enhance the natural beauty of every wooden surface, and each time these finishes have been chosen to improve a new product. No matter if these products are kitchen doors, wooden floors or may be interior doors: the most important thing is that, thanks to our finishes, our customers have entered new markets!

For sure we could tell you how many new customers have found in LBA a valuable partner, able to think outside the box, to develop unique solutions and to deliver them innovation through the Taylor Made service – a profound belief more than a service – based on knowledge-sharing and training, made possible by a fluid collaboration between customer and supplier in order to gain excellence through sanding.

Oh yes, there are so many things we could tell you…
But we feel like we don’t need to.

Christmas storytelling is nice, but we prefer to deliver results, because this is what we are very good on.

So we just wish you a Joyous Christmas time
and, why not, a New Year of sanding + innovation!



Christmas Holidays
from 24.12.2015 to 06.01.2016