LBA Innovation Tour 2016

Follow the Innovation Tour and discover how for more than 30 years LBA has been developing and producing innovative abrasive systems and patented products for specific applications in the wood, metal, glass, automotive, composites, leather and textile industries, and wherever the need arises for a perfect surface finishing.
LBA is not only synonymous with revolutionary patented abrasive products! Above all it is promoting a new approach to sanding called “sanding + innovation”, that could maximize the efficiency of production cycles, minimize production costs and increase the quality of your finished product, through a customized service, aimed at finding the ideal sanding cycle, totally customized and designed to meet your needs!

During the tour we will be presenting our brand new collection “Wild Effects”, inspired by the most fascinating and savage Nature.

How does it works? Discover it at one of the next leg of the Innovation Tour!


PESARO, ITALY    13/10 > 15/10
Via della meccanica, 16 Pesaro – Italy

IMOLA, ITALY    12/10 > 14/10
Via Bicocca, 14/C Imola – Italy

PORDENONE, ITALY    18/10 > 21/10


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