One more reason to visit us! Oderzo ranked among the ‘Happiest towns’ of Italy.

We’ve always thought that the main part of the inspiration that drives us towards excellence and innovation, comes directly from the territory in which we are born: so full of beauty, culture and so devoted to quality.

For this reason we’ve been very proud to find out what Il Sole 24 Ore has recently stated. The newspaper has analyzed economical, social, environmental and welfare data of about 8.047 Italian municipalities, identifying a list of the 158 towns with the highest quality of well-being. Among these so called ‘Happiest Towns’, Oderzo stands at 19th place in Italy, and at the 1st place regarding the province of Treviso.

With its privileged position between the scented hills of Prosecco and the charming Venice, Oderzo originated in pre-Roman times and it owes its name to the word Opter, which means ‘Market Square’ in the language of the ancient Venetians, to signify its central role from the origins.

The city, crossed by the tranquil waters of Monticano river, develops around Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, where you’ll find a XI Century Cathedral dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, which is said to have been built on an ancient temple of god Mars.

Oderzo is the second Italian city (after Verona) regarding the importance of archaeological finds from the Roman period, finds that can be admired in the Archaeological Museum Eno Bellis and also walking through the historical center.

If you are fond of Art, you will surely enjoy a visit a the Alberto Martini Art-Gallery, dedicated to an Italian designer, painter, engraver and illustrator, forerunner of the surrealist movement, that illustrated great literary works such as La Divina Commedia, Shakespeare’s Hamlet and many stories by Edgar Allan Poe.

If you’re planning to visit us in LBA, be sure to book one more day to visit this beautiful, ‘Happy Town’!