A Joyous Christmas time and a New Year of sanding + innovation!

It is that time of the year when you usually draw conclusions about what you’ve realized and you start outlining the brand new projects that will accompany you through the twelve months to come.

Now that the year’s almost over, there’s so much we would like to talk about!

For instance we could tell you about how proud we are of the performances of our patented products COMBI and AbraSilk, reading satisfaction through our customers’ eyes and helping them to reach their finishing goals!

Or we could talk about how we’ve felt excited each time that our Innovation Lab FINISHING LAB has produced some brand new finishes to enhance the natural beauty of every wooden surface, and each time these finishes have been chosen to improve a new product. No matter if these products are kitchen doors, wooden floors or may be interior doors: the most important thing is that, thanks to our finishes, our customers have entered new markets!

For sure we could tell you how many new customers have found in LBA a valuable partner, able to think outside the box, to develop unique solutions and to deliver them innovation through the Taylor Made service – a profound belief more than a service – based on knowledge-sharing and training, made possible by a fluid collaboration between customer and supplier in order to gain excellence through sanding.

Oh yes, there are so many things we could tell you…
But we feel like we don’t need to.

Christmas storytelling is nice, but we prefer to deliver results, because this is what we are very good on.

So we just wish you a Joyous Christmas time
and, why not, a New Year of sanding + innovation!



Christmas Holidays
from 24.12.2015 to 06.01.2016