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PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS X/Y-weight Zirconium polyester cloth (weight Y up to P80), closed coated, grit range from P24 to P120.

USE Grinding and deburring – automatic or with contact wheels, for dry or wet use – on stainless steel, nickel and alloys with wide or narrow belt sanding machines; also suitable to calibrate hardwood, in particular for the production of parquets with wide belt sanding machines on plan; in the footwear industry is useful for the treatment of leather in the production of uppers.

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CVE 01

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS E-weight Aluminium Oxide paper, semi-open coated, antistatic, grit range from P150 to P1200

USE Sanding polyester, acrylic and polyacrylic solvent-based paints with wide and narrow belt sanding machines or edge sanders; also suitable for sanding melamminic papers and to obtain suede finish on leather.

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