The LBA Way to Innovation



We are a dynamic middle-sized Italian company that for almost 35 years has been developing and producing  innovative abrasive systems and accessory products for specific applications in the wood, metal, glass, automotive, composites, leather and textile industries, and wherever the need arises for a perfect surface finishing.



To contribute to the improvement of each finished product: this has always been our vision. To promote the culture of innovation through the continuous experimentation and the achievement of new quality standards, being a reference partner for the realization of every type of product, wherever high quality surface finishing is needed.



LBA motto is Innovation excellence. Above all we are promoting a new approach called “sanding + innovation”, that could maximize the efficiency of production cycles, minimize running costs and increase the quality of the finished product, through a Taylor Made service, aimed to find the ideal sanding cycle, completely designed to meet nowadays customer needs!

Innovative Thinking


At the basis of our operative philosophy stands the strong will to challenge traditional concepts, to think outside the box, to create unique solutions, producing efficiency to be delivered to each customer, no matter the size or the leaning.

All this context allows not merely the upgrading of existing technologies and production systems, but also the introduction of new finishing concepts to the market, such as the revolutionary range of products branded COMBI®: a new generation of abrasive belts, based on a patented system consisting of a PET film backing, together with velcro or paper, combined with high tech abrasive minerals – such as Zirconium and Ceramic – and cooling additives.
This winning combination has already established new standards in terms of lifetime performancestrength and sanding precision.

Innovative Solutions


In LBA we think that each application always need the proper attention. Thanks to our team of product experts, we can study each individual case, considering every single application as part of a wider productive context of a specific factory, so that we are able to provide the best possible sanding
solution available at the moment. This method allows us to propose always unique solutions, developed for specific applications:
Wood & Lacquers, Metal & Glass, Automotive & Composites, Leather & Fashion.

Innovative Products


We are truly fond of Research & Development, so we can proudly offer a wide range of abrasives and accessory products with a plus of technical superiority. Thanks to our products we succeed in our mission to create real advantages for our customers, delivered through efficiency, quality and, last but not least, cost saving. We are happy to guide you in your choice of the most suitable product and process to get from each surface the best result.

Innovative People


It’s not enough to generate innovation: we also have to be able to deliver it to our customers in the right way and on the right moment, accompanying them along the path of improvement with competence and reliability.

All this is possible thanks to some initiatives aimed at spreading innovation, such as the TRAINING LAB, an advanced learning laboratory based on the concept of open and shared knowledge, available for sales staff, technical staff, resellers and final users, in order to generate skills measuring up with every finishing need.

Innovative Finishes


Another instrument to increase our customers’ productivity is the FINISHING LAB®: a research center in collaboration with the main producers of sanding machines and with the Italian research institute CATAS, united by the aim of creating new finishes for the industry that could be achievable through simple and easily implementable production processes (both on the economic and on the technological side).

Innovative Technologies


LBA is situated in the North East of Italy, a platform of thousands
 of manufacturing enterprises, organized in a network and connected to the world, according to an advanced and flexible model able to promote, day by day, the values and the qualities of the most competitive “Made in Italy”.
In its modern plant of 10.000 square meters, LBA uses the best available production technologies, according to a long tradition 
of enterpreneurial savoire-faire, able to generate innovative 
and advanced technological solutions.