LBA Innovation Tour – SICAM 2017

LBA is pleased to announce its presence at SICAM 2017, the International Exhibition of Components, Semifinished Products and Accessories

for the Furniture Industry.

10 – 13 October 2017

9.30 – 18.00

FOCUS ON: Seaside Bliss by Finishing Lab & Xilia


Come and touch with hand Seaside Bliss, the new finish designed by Finishing Lab and realized exclusively by Xilia through a stylistic exercise that sees the Sungkai, a very rare form of Indonesian wood with the typical white – yellow chromatic graduations, reviving in “Soft Touch” key for a unique and eco-friendly experience of tactile design.

FOCUS ON: #Grana


Come and discover in worldwide premiere the new LBA magazine, an updating platform on the topical issues and experimentations related to the world of surface finishing through the use of coated abrasives.