IBS® – Innovative abrasive belts with a revolutionary patented backing

LBA is proud to present the revolutionary range of products branded IBS® (Innovative Backing System®): a new generation of abrasive belts, based on a patented system consisting of a PET film backing, together with velour or paper, combined with high tech abrasive minerals with self-sharpening properties and cooling additives.

The PET film allows the abrasive belt to bear strains caused by working pressure, with no deformations and without compromising sanding results.

Moreover, thanks to the climate stability of the PET film, the belt remains perfectly flat at any level of humidity. The homogeneous coating and the tenacious bonding of the abrasive grains, together with the absence of over-thickness in the joint of the belt reduce the sanding imperfections typical of a traditional abrasive belt.

The high tech abrasive minerals with self-sharpening properties – like Zirconium or Ceramic – and the cooling additives that withstand clogging and prevent the risk of scorch marks, also in case of heavy duty wood processing applications.

The consequence of this advanced mix is a homogeneous sanding pattern, with constant coarseness and a finishing quality you’ve never seen before, even on the most delicate surfacesand with long life performance!

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